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Why Microsoft Bing Ads Are Important For Business?

In the past few years, the search for low-cost ads has been at the top. However, google provide a better advertising platform to show ads in the competitive market. But, according to some advertising facts, Microsoft bing ads are playing an important role in the market for all sizes of businesses.

Google Ads vs Bing Ads:

Although, google and bing ads have their own importance in advertising and both are different from each other. There’s no doubt for the past few years Microsoft bing ads have grown faster in the race for low-cost advertising.

For similar businesses, where google provides a higher CPC on the same segments being given a very low CPC.

While Bing ads are as similar to google advertising to cover their search engine audiences. According to some facts and news, many countries are now using Bing as the default search browser so the importance of bing ads are high for all type of businesses.

For example, A company wants to target a 100% audience in a country as their required segments and the people of countries use bing, google, and yahoo as their search engines. (on this case we can cover 70% audience with google ads and can use bing ads to cover 30% remaining audience). The percentage data may be changed according to their audiences but it shows how bing ads are crucial for every business.

Both advertising platforms play crucial roles in the market to target audiences. Although, it is not right to say bing ads are alternatives to google ads but can use both platforms similar to run ads.

Bing User In India: 1.15%
Yahoo: 0.11%
Google: 96.42%

Some Bing Facts

  • Bing has the second most popular search engine worldwide
  • Bing’s market share is 2.47%
  • Around 50% of US people use Bing as the default search engine
  • On May 2022, bing traffic was 1.2 billion
  • 238 countries use Bing as the default search engine

Source: Backlinko, Similarweb, Wordstream

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