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How Facebook leads Campaign Work For Different Business Industries

This article is about how Facebook lead campaigns work for different business industries and how lead per cost goes higher or lower in different business categories.

Cost per Lead dependence:
Leads cost always depend on targeting locations, audience, demographic, and how impressive the text and graphics of your ad are. A narrow targeting could be a higher cost than open ads. On leads, from ads, digital marketers mostly collect audiences’ names, emails, phone numbers, and some basic details, however, there are also some other options to get leads like the direct message or calls.

Per Lead Cost For Different – Different Businesses:

Education section – In the category of education, Facebook performs better and provides maximum leads at a low cost, however, it totally depends on detailed targeting. When we talk about cost per lead, it might be around 20 to 40rupee as per targeting, ads, and graphics.

Real Estate Business – This field is a bit higher in cost as per his project requirements. In real estate, some targeting option is limited for business, ( for example – a Delhi-based real estate builder or owner promote their projects in nearby locations). So the leads per cost could vary from 80 to 300 as per detailed targeting.

Web Development or IT sector – However, in the age of the internet this category is always active in many ways but in Facebook, leads per cost vary from 20 to 100 rupees.

Although, as per mentioned in the above lines, Facebook’s cost per lead only depended on detailed & custom targeting, texts, and creative. Also, a continuous running campaign performs better than an intermittent campaign and decreases lead per cost.

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