How To Track Website Visitors Response On Website?

This article is about tracking a website visitors’ journey on the website, how many pages a user visited, where the user clicked on the website, how much time spend on the website etc. Although, google’s Analytics tool measure all type of user data like how users came from the website, users’ IP, country, spending time on the website & exit page. But along with this, you can use some other tools like Hotjar to get a better understanding. This is a third-party software but you can use it as a basic subscription which is free for every user.

However, Hotjar is a visual way to track users’ responses, needs, and ways of communication. But it could give you a better understanding of visitors’ interests and requirements.

Some basic steps to add Hotjar to the website:

a. Sign in to Hotjar (if you are new on Hotjar create a profile with email and verify it)

b. Add organization name, size, and website URL, and get an encrypted code –

Hotjar Tracking Code

c. Put this code on the website header section ( add code on every page of the website)

d. Verify your domain on Hotjar

It takes 24 hours to collect data from the website and gives you a video of every user’s journey on the website, how they interact with website pages, how they came, where they exit the website, and how much time they spend on the website.

But on the other side, its meta code can increase your website loading and response time so most people do not add Hotjar as a tracking code on the website.

Microsoft Clarity: When some add their website to the bing search console so can get the Microsoft clarity option to add their website and track their user’s journey on the website. There are a lot of layers to track users’ behavior and page view journeys in a video format. This is a bit similar to Hotjar but it gives you more visibility like you can check your dead clicks videos, live users videos, most viewed products, javascript errors, quick back, and country-wise users videos.

Some basic steps to add Microsoft Clarity :

a. Login to the Bing search console and go to clarity
b. Add your website as a project
c. Add clarity code on the website’s every page on the head section
d. Then complete the self-guide tour

Also, set up google Analytics and google tag manager on bing clarity to get more information about your users.

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