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How To Create a Lead Campaign In Google Ads?

This article is about a google search campaign for generating leads for your business. In the time of growing Internet marketing, google ads are the most crucial weapon for every business and service.

Here are some steps to create a lead campaign (search campaign):

a. Before creating any campaign you have to sign up in your google ads account (if you are new so you need to create a professional AdWords account)

b. In the AdWords dashboard menu on the left, click on campaigns.

Google Ads Dashboard

c. Click on the plus button then click on New Campaign and select your objective – lead.

d. Then select search for your campaign type and select the ways you’d like to reach your goal and click on continue.

e. Name of your campaign and enter targeting location, languages, and budget.

f. Put your bid limit (it’s optional)and budget and continue.

g. Add the keywords in which you want to show your ads.

h. Create your ads –
Titles – 30 characters
Description – 90 characters
Landing page

Then publish your campaign

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Mohit Negi is a Digital Marketer with a passion for writing Digital facts tutorials. Learn social media and other ad technology.

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